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About Us.

We are two local brothers who grew up spending summers at our family's camp on Rattlesnake Island and have called lake Winnipesaukee our home for over 35 years. While fully embracing the “Island Life” or “Lake Life" mindset, we quickly saw the challenges that come with living this lifestyle.

Having watched our father build our camp from the foundation up, we wanted to help whenever we could. We quickly learned that nothing was the same as on the mainland and everything was more difficult! Whether we were ordering building supplies, loading up the car or trailer, or transferring to the boat only to finally make it back to our camp and realize we still had to carry the supplies up 50 or 60 stairs. NOTHING WAS EASY!!!

Our mission is to provide lakeside residents those mainland resources and amenities through dedicated marine and island property services. We want to provide our customers peace of mind, allowing YOU to enjoy more time on the water with your families.

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